Are there any guidelines for preparing to stay at home?

One of that state’s top priorities is to ensure that every Oregonian is 2 Weeks Ready in case of
natural disaster or public health crisis. However, buying more than beyond a two-week’s supply of necessities may cause more harm than good at this time.

Right now, each of our individual actions make an important impact on our community’s ability to weather this crisis. This includes how we shop. Hoarding items such as sanitizers, toilet paper, food, and household cleaning products limits access to these important necessities for many Oregonians and especially vulnerable populations who can’t choose, because of current circumstances, where and when they shop.

There is no food shortage and stores will restock. Over-buying food, health and cleaning supplies could mean that your elderly, sick neighbors, or essential personnel that serve your community go without life-saving necessities.

Do your part be prepared, but only purchase what you need.