Can I visit my relative in a long-term care facility?

This information can change, please double-check sources for information, and continue to monitor sources or back here for updates.

Long term care facilities that are free from COVID-19 may begin outdoor visitation with physical distancing measure in place.  Facilities that have a suspected or presumptive case of COVID-19, may not allow visitation at this time.  Read the full guidance here

Long Term Care Facility Visitation News Release

For facilities with current or presumptive COVID-19 cases: On March 17, 2020, the Department of Human Services (DHS) increased restrictions on visitation policies for all licensed long-term care facilities as well as residential group homes to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. The updated restrictions limit all visitors except essential medical and emergency personnel and visitors to residents who are in the end of life.

The new all-visitor restrictions apply to:

• Nursing facilities,

• Assisting living facilities,

• Residential care facilities,

• Adult foster homes, and

• Group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

DHS News Release, 3/17/2020