Guidance for mental health facilities

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Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-03 dated March 8, 2020, outlined new requirements of mental health providers to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These requirements, effective March 31, 2020, include:

  • Restrict visitation of non-essential individuals.
  • Screen 100% of essential individuals prior to entry into the building, consistent with screening criteria.
  • Limit or restrict visitation of essential individuals.
    • Limit points of entry to programs to ensure appropriate signage and check-in stations are accessible. 4 OHA 2275 (4/7/2020)
    • Except for emergency responders, allow only two essential visitors per resident at a given time.
    • If an essential visitor meets screening criterion above or is under the age of 12, the program must prohibit the visit.
    • All essential visitors must be educated to:
      • Use good hand hygiene: before entering room, wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or clean hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoid touching face
      • Use good respiratory etiquette: cover coughs and sneezes with elbow and use and dispose of tissue properly.
  • Restrict community outings off hospital campus.

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