How do I volunteer as a medical professional?

This information can change, please double-check sources for information, and continue to monitor sources or back here for updates.

The health care workforce is a critical resource in the response to COVID-19. We encourage health professionals to volunteer in the fight against the virus. If you have ever thought about volunteering your time, energy and medical skills to a worthwhile and potentially life-saving cause, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), fellow health professionals and systems, and all Oregonians could use your help.

To help, you can register with OHA’s State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR). Volunteers can join the State Managed Volunteer Pool (SMVP) for statewide deployments or their local Medical Reserve Corps unit (MRC) for local response. Duties of volunteers can vary widely depending on the need. You may be asked to staff the Oregon Medical Station, help maintain a sterile healthcare environment, operate an information hotline, facilitate the mass dispensing of medications, or support administrative or logistical needs within the OHA Agency Operations Center, among many other tasks.

Register at and learn more at SERV-OR’s frequently asked questions page. People who are not medically licensed are encouraged to visit Oregon Emergency Management’s COVID-19 information page and complete the survey for finding other volunteer opportunities.