Internet and Computer Resources

This information can change. Please double check resources and continue to monitor them for up to date information.

The school or school district your child attends may have computer or internet resources available.  To contact them, please visit the Oregon School Directory page.


Comcast's Internet Essentials program can provide a low cost computer and internet access for qualifying individuals or families.  Customer service: 1-888-234-4272

Connect All by Interconnection offers low cost internet and variety of refurbished equipment to low income individuals and families.  Customer service: 206-633-1517

PCs For People offer low cost internet and refurbished computers and equipment.  

Free Geek offers refurbished computers and equipment at a low cost. Phone: 503-232-9350

HumanIT offers refurbished computers and equipment to low income households.

Everyone On maintains a database of low cost computers, equipement and interet providers by zip code. 


Access from AT & T offers low cost internet to income qualifying households. 

Cox Connect to Compete has low cost internet with 2 free months for households that sign up by December 21, 2021.  Customer service: 1-844-810-1589

Spectrum can provide low cost internet to qualifying households. Customer service: 1-855-243-8892

Internetfirst by Wave offers low cost internet access, including modem, for qualifying households.  Other low cost plans may be available to non qualifying households.

Oregon Lifeline can provide discounted internet or cell service to eligible households.  Phone: 1-800-848-4442.


Comcast/Xfinity is offering free access to hotspots, you do not need to be a Comcast customer. Xfinity/Comcast free hotspot map

Statewide Free Wifi

Portland Free Wifi Map

Clackamas County Free Wifi Access