COVID-19 Therapeutic (treatment) Options

This information can change. Please double check resources and continue to monitor them for up to date information.

There are various Covid-19 treatments that exist now.

  • Injectable treatments- Remdesivir, Evusheld, Sotrovimab and Bebtelovimab
  • Oral Treatments- Molnupiravir, Paxlovid

Free telehealth appointments for antiviral treatment options: The Oregon Health Authority has partnered with Color Health to provide free telehealth consultations to determine eligibility for antiviral treatments. These appointments are free, regardless of health insurance status. To schedule you can visit  Color or call 833-273-6330. 


The federal government has taken initiative to expand access to COVID-19 therapeutics to those most affected and who are at highest risk for severe illness from COVID-19. In alignment with this initiative, the Test to Treat (T2T) and Federal Retail Pharmacy Therapeutics Program (FRPTP) work together to increase the availability of treatment to those who’ve tested positive for COVID-19

Test to Treat model: T2T connects eligible individuals who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 to appropriate treatments. These locations will provide access for people to get tested, receive a prescription from a health care provider, and fill that prescription, all at one location. These sites receive their therapeutics from the federal government. This program is intended for those without a healthcare provider or for those who cannot get in to see their healthcare provider for COVID-19 symptoms. However, it is not limited to just these individuals. Anybody can seek treatment at a T2T site. OHA is working on adding additional sites that fit federal criteria to be a T2T site.  

Test to Treat locator website: 

Federal Retail Pharmacy Therapeutics Program:  This program that allows people to get their medications dispensed at a participating pharmacy. This will allow patients who have already been seen by a healthcare provider and have a prescription for an oral antiviral, have their medicines given to them by these pharmacies

Monoclonal Antibody (mAbs) treatmentmAbs are proteins developed in a lab in order to fight off infections that our bodies aren’t familiar with, like COVID-19. Early evidence suggests that mAbs administered by an infusion or an injection can reduce the amount of COVID-19 virus present in someone infected with COVID-19. By doing so, mAbs can prevent hospitalization due to COVID-19 and prevent the disease from progressing any further in those treated.

It’s important to note that mAbs can only treat an existing COVID-19 infection and don’t train your body to fight off future infections the same way that the COVID-19 vaccines do. As such, mAb treatment and COVID-19 vaccination should not be viewed as interchangeable forms of treatment.

This treatment option is issued by the FDA for emergency use under certain conditions. Currently, mAbs are used for treatment of people who have COVID-19 and:

  • To block the virus from entering your cells.
  • To reduce the severity of disease and incidence of hospitalization.
  • Preventive treatment for high-risk people who may be routinely exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Preventive treatment for people who are immunocompromised or cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine for medical reasons.

Accessing mAbs: A health care provider (primary care physician, urgent care, clinic, etc) needs to refer someone to receive mAb treatments. If you do not have a health care provider, please call 1-877-332-6585 to talk about treatment options. This number does NOT give referrals to get Monoclonal Antibody treatment but instead helps you find treatment locations, and walks you through the steps to get the treatment. 

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Please contact your healthcare provider to determine which treatment option may be right for you.

You can email Oregon Health Authority at with any treatment questions.