Prescription Delivery

This information can change, please double-check sources for information, and continue to monitor sources or back here for updates.

Many chain and local pharmacies are adapting their policies to allow for curbside pick up,  free mail order options and senior hours.  Call your pharmacy for information.

Some police stations and sheriff's departments are offering help with prescription pick up and  delivery.  If your community is not mentioned below, please call your local police department to see if this service is available. Oregon Police Dept Directory

CORVALLIS- Corvallis Police Department’s Community Livability Unit will help reduce the impact of COVID-19 by delivering prescriptions to City of Corvallis residents who are age 65 or older or have a life-threatening pre-existing medical condition. Call the pharmacy to order and pay for the prescription (the pharmacy must be in Corvallis to participate) -While on the phone, let the pharmacy know you would like to participate in the CPD prescription delivery program; make sure your pharmacy will allow this. -Visit or call 541-766-6120 to request/coordinate the delivery.

CURRY COUNTY- Corner Drug, in Gold Beach, is offering free delivery to residents between Brookings and Port Orford.  Call 541-247-4544 to schedule a delivery. 

FOREST GROVE-  The Forest Grove police department is offer prescription pick up and delivery to those 65 and older who have a pre-existing or life-threatening condition.  For more information call 503-992-3260 or visit 

ILLINOIS VALLEY-Illinois Valley Wellness Resources offers Illinois Valley seniors age 60 and older and disabled indivuals in self-isolation a volunteer group to shop for groceries, pharmacy supplies, prescritpions, and other necessary errands. May also be able to  provide masks and hand sanitizer.  Call 541-592-9781 or email for more information. 

PORTLAND- Portland Fire & Rescue Meds on Wheels program can provide prescription pick up and delivery.  The program is geared towards adult 65 or older and individuals with disabilities who need life sustaining medications. For more information call 971-288-7687 or visit Meds on Wheels