Reporting Cases in long-term care facilities

This information can change, please double-check sources for information, and continue to monitor sources or back here for updates.

Facilities must report to their Local Public Health Authority within 24 hours or on a timeline otherwise specified when:

• ≥ 2 epi-linked cases of COVID-19 are identified within a 7-day period. Being from the same institutional cohort (e.g., unit, floor, shift, worksite) is sufficient to meet epi-link criteria.
• ≥ 2 cases of acute respiratory illness (e.g., unknown respiratory illness, Influenza, RSV) are identified in residents or staff with onset within a 72h period.

Facilities should alert LPHAs about deaths or hospitalizations associated with respiratory outbreaks. Facilities must also alert their facilities licensing agency if a COVID-19 outbreak is identified and upon clearance of the prior respiratory outbreak.

Note: An increased outbreak reporting threshold does not eliminate the need for facilities to conduct internal baseline investigation steps in response to a single case. This includes placing index case on appropriate isolation or implementing work restriction per CDC Infection Control Guidance, using
appropriate personal protective equipment, conducting testing of exposed individuals via contact tracing or unit-based testing, placement of signage at entry to designate that a case has been identified for a period of 14 days since last identified case, and conducting environmental disinfection. These steps are intended to prevent early spread. 

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