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Resources for the BIPOC Community

This information can change, please double-check sources for information, and continue to monitor sources or back here for updates.

NAACP National Beygood Grants: Through out the pandemic Beygood has partnered with NAACP to provide grant funds for African Americans. The focus point of these grants has varied from businesses to individuals.  Please continue to check the website for currently open grant cycles. 

Latino Community Association of Central Oregon COVID-19 resource page offers culturally specific resources and programs for Central Oregon. 

STOP ASIAN HATE is an organization that offers a culturally relevant space to report on hate crimes against the Asian community which we know have grown since the beginning of the pandemic.

COFA Alliance National Network (CANN) advocates for people from the Marshall Islands, Palau, and Micronesia. Services include community engagement, outreach, and education activities.

    Micronesian Islander Community (MIC) promotes cultural awareness programs and events that provide social needs, economic growth, justice, and wraparound support for COVID-19 to Micronesian communities across Oregon.  Visit the website or call 971-266-3919.

    Oregon Marshallese Community Association (OMCA) maintains and improves quality of life for Marshallese citizens in Oregon, including back to school support, assistance with applications, and info about COVID-19 testing. Contact via Facebook or by emailing info@oregonmarshallese.org

    Utopia PDX provides community organizing, political engagement, cultural stewardship, and support to Queer and Trans Pacific Islanders.

    The Oregon Chinese Coalition (OCC) may be able to offer financial assistance to individuals who speak Mandarin or Cantonese or consider themselves from the Chinese American community in the state of Oregon. The OCC can be a point of entry for COVID-19 wrapround support, OHA grants, and city of Portland housing assistance programs. Eligibility requirements and area served vary depending on the program.

    • Call to learn more about their programs:
      503-686-5490 (Mandarin, English)
      971-330-0253 (Cantonese, English)
      503-709-3119 (Main Office)

    Oregon Native American Chamber ATNI-EDC COVID-19 Resource Page offers grant programs to eligible small businesses. Please continue to check the website for currently open programs.

    The Oregon Worker Relief Fund offers a variety of financial assistance programs for the immigrant community. Focused largely on those whose immigration status makes them, ineligible for other programs, this fund supports financial assistance for individuals who have COVID, have lost employment and small business owners. To learn more or apply, visit the website or call 1-888-274-7292 from Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. 

    The Oregon Cares Fund- this fund is now closed. Please visit the website for more information.


    For need-specific resources, please contact us.