Test to Stay

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Weekly opt-in "screening" testing for K-12 students and staff without COVID-19 symptoms will end July 31, 2023. As with the general population, Oregon Health Authority recommends people in K-12 schools infected with COVID-19 stay home until they are fever-free for 24 hours with improving symptoms, avoid contact with people at high risk of severe illness and consider masking for 10 days. More information can be found on the End of the Public Health Emergency Fact Sheet. 


Test to stay allows students who are exposed to COVID-19 to attend school in person as well as extracurricular activities, as long as they test negative. Test to stay allows students and staff to participate in in-person learning as safely as possible while lessening the burden of quarantine on students and their families, teachers and school administrators. Testing and test to stay are one part of Oregon's layered health and safety measures for students and school staff.

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How does it work?

  • Test to stay is available for unvaccinated, asymptomatic individuals who were exposed to COVID-19 in a school setting. Note that this does not include exposures from extracurricular activities or at home exposures.
  • Test to stay allows exposed and unvaccinated individuals to be tested twice in a 7 day period. The first test should be as soon as the exposure is identified and the second test should occur 5-7 days after exposure.
  • Test to stay is a form of modified quarantine, which allows individuals to attend school during their 7-day quarantine period. However, individuals participating in test to stay are expected to maintain quarantine outside of classroom settings. 
    • Students and staff participating in test to stay may participate in school-related extracurricular activities during their 7-day quarantine period but must wear face coverings at all times during these activities.
  • Student participation requires consent of a parent or guardian. The student or staff with close contact may follow the Local Public Health Authority (LPHA) recommendation for length of quarantine if they don't want to participate in test to stay.


Test to stay frequently asked questions can be found here.

This consent form for students age 15+ can be filled out to expedite the process of enrolling in the program. 

Information on face covering recommendations in schools can be found here.

More information about COVID-19 Testing in k-12 schools can be on the Oregon Health Authority website here.