Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

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Myths and Misconceptions about the COVID-19 Vaccine

How CDC Monitors Vaccine Effectiveness info can be found here. 


Have you experienced a side effect following COVID-19 vaccination?

You can report it to VAERS.

Find out more about the different vaccines, including vaccines still in the authorization process, from the CDC at this website.


Emergency Use Authorization is a tool of the FDA to speed up processes when need is urgent and there are no available alternatives. This can be used to allow drugs to be utilized a different way than previously classified and it can cut red tape for new therapies.  Clinical trials must be 2 months past phase 3 studies and documentation from all phases must be included in the application for emergency use. While the requirements stipulate sample groups to include at least 3,000 people; COVID vaccination trials have included tens of thousands of people.  The FDA has also made all vaccination trials information available to corollary state bodies for a simultaneous review process.