Visitation Procedures/Rules for Foster Parents (Child Welfare)

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Video Message from Oregon Child Welfare Director - March 27, 2020

Visitation Guidelines

Some visitation, with DHS caseworker approval is resuming in Oregon.  As we know,                visitation between children and parents is key to developing
and maintaining a parent-child relationship, reducing the anxiety children
experience when separated from their parents, and working towards
reunification and concurrent permanency plans. Frequent visitation has
consistently been found not only to benefit children emotionally and reduce
the impacts of trauma, but also to contribute to the achievement of
In-person visits will be conducted following the most current guidance from
the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and local health authorities. The
guidance that follows has been reviewed and approved by a child
psychiatrist who is a Senior Health Advisor on the COVID-19 Incident
Response Team.
Unsupervised visits will continue to occur with the plan developed for each
family given their specific circumstances, and in compliance with any active
court orders regarding visitation. In addition, visitation plans will be
developed in consultation with the child (when age/developmentally
appropriate), parent, foster family, and, if applicable, tribe.
Visits supervised by DHS staff, foster parents, or Safety Service Providers
(SSPs) will continue to be provided and may occur in DHS offices or other
community locations. DHS staff should continue to work with parents and
others to explore and evaluate other possible resources to supervise visits
where appropriate. Due to possible limitations on the number of in-person
parent/child visits that can be provided by DHS staff while following
additional screening, disinfecting and social distancing protocols, the
guidance for virtual visits will remain in effect to enhance the frequency of
visits for children and their parents. Virtual visits are intended to
supplement, but not substitute for, in-person visitation.

For information on visitation, please scroll to the bottom of the page at Oregon Child Welfare COVID-19 Response